Sustainability Efforts

PRO Rich Nutrition is committed to green packaging whereby our Tubes and our Packages are made from materials that are 100% recyclable. 

We work with family owned farms, ingredients suppliers and dairies that use environmentally responsible growing methods and we use only natural non-GMO food ingredients in order to promote healthy lifestyle choices. For example, our organic coffee is roasted using 100% solar energy in Colorado, a state known for pioneering sustainability

Frozen storage is often an energy glutton, however, we are working with the country’s premier energy conservation state of the art frozen storage facility which just happens to be located right here in San Diego, CA.  It exceeds every standard of excellence and is LEED Gold Certified and has received the Certificate of Excellence of Sustainability Award by SDG&E Sempra Energy.  This frozen storage warehouse not only generates all power from solar panels, but they actually contribute power back to SDG&E power grid. 

Our PRO Rich Nutrition Oceanside corporate offices were configured at the inception of our ownership with state of the art energy conservation values meeting all California Title 24 Energy Efficiency Compliance Standards and the landscape installed at our offices is drought tolerant.  At PRO Rich Nutrition we are actively doing our part to contribute in a reduction of energy consumption at every available opportunity. 

Sustainability is a commitment that starts with our core values to provide superior alternative nutrition products made of the finest quality wholesome ingredients to promote healthy lifestyle choices for all those seeking quality nutrition in their daily routine.  We incorporate charitable contributions, giving back and paying it forward wherever we are able to do so and we always incorporate ideas and values of sustainability from our offices to our supply chain to our employees, our families and our surrounding communities.  And we encourage you personally to make every available effort to also live a green life by recycling, harvesting sunlight and water in drought impacted locations and just be good to our planet…it’s the only one we’ve got!