Peg Crowley

Peg Crowley founded a successful biotech company in Oceanside, CA over a decade ago, along with her husband Mike.  Peg helped to build NOVA Biologics into an internationally recognized multi-million dollar leader in the bio-pharma products and distribution industry.

As Founder of PRO Rich Nutrition, the inspiration for this venture was inspired by Peg’s Mom, Jo Coleman.  “Jo Jo” as her friends referred to her, was an extremely vibrant, healthy, active Senior who rode horses, biked, hiked, worked out in her local gym and ballroom danced well into her 80’s!  Peg recognized that as her Mom aged, she was losing weight and muscle mass. With knowledge of nutrition, having been a passionate competitive athlete herself, Peg became quite concerned for her Mom’s well-being.

It was apparent to Peg that Jo Jo became less interested in ‘meals’ and only enjoyed eating ice cream.  However, conventional ice cream lacked the advanced nutritional support to sustain Jo Jo’s daily dietary needs.


That’s how PRO Rich Nutrition came into existence!  

Peg became single minded in her focus to create a product and a new company that would benefit her Mom’s needs and supply advanced nutrition for athletes and all others seeking new and alternative forms of superior dietary nutrition!



Megan Johnson McCullough
BS, MA, Professional Athlete

Megan Johnson McCullough is a San Diego native and played High School Basketball in Oceanside, CA.  Megan’s athletic talents supported her completely through Metro State University in Colorado on a full athletic scholarship playing collegiate Basketball where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  After college Megan returned to Oceanside where she established a professional gym & fitness center and has grown her business to market success.

While coaching others as a professional Personal Trainer, Megan furthered her education earning a Master’s Degree in Health Science / Physical Education.  Currently Megan is working on her Doctorate degree in Health & Human Performance.

Megan is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM) as an elite Master Trainer and she’s certified by the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, (NESTA) as well as being a certified Group Exercise Instructor by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, (AFAA)certified to train Aqua, Cycle, Yoga and Zumba.  

Megan is a competitive professional athlete competing internationally as a “Natural” body builder where she’s received recognition in South Korea, the USA and Australia.

Megan also has specializations as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a Senior Fitness Specialist.  Megan’s been recognized by Women’s Health Magazine as an ‘Action Hero’ and she’s a member of the Men’s Health Magazine Fitness Council.  

Megan is a professional Fitness Writer for Muscle Media Magazine, Wellness.com, FindingInnerBeauty.com and A-List Nation Magazine.

As a collaborator and co-founder of PRO Rich Nutrition, Megan provides insights and valuable advice on the specialized Sports Nutrition needs of amateur and professionally competitive athletes.

Megan Johnson McCullough has collaborated with Peg Crowley as a Co-Founder of PRO Rich Nutrition to utilize her skills as a professional competitive athlete and her education and experience in health, fitness and nutrition to bring valuable contributions to the growth and creation of innovative sports nutrition products to the universe!

Megan’s studio: Every BODY’s Fit in Oceanside, CA         



YouTube Channel is




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It's what's inside that matters

We’ve been devoted to using only the finest quality natural (and when available, organic) food ingredients that meet the needs of elite and amateur athletes as well as others in need of superior dietary nutritional supplementation.

During endeavors to launch PRO Rich Nutrition we’ve had the sad misfortune of seeing some good friends and family members who have been diagnosed with cancer and others who have sustained extensive injuries or illnesses and have needed additional nutritional support in their diets.  In all of these cases, their choices have been limited to products that have artificial ingredients and are lacking superior nutritional quality.

PRO Rich Frozen Nutrition was developed for every person who takes fitness and sports seriously, for those who have sustained injuries or battled illness, for busy parents and professionals on the go seeking top quality nutrition and for every child wanting a delicious snack!