My PRO Rich products arrived today and I just tried Mint Madness for the first time.  Talk about impressed, I've never had a frozen dessert product that was this satisfying, nutritionally balanced and, at 130 calories, absolutely guilt-free!   


I'm about to start working out and normally a frozen dessert is the last thing I would eat before hitting the weights and doing cardio.  This time, I've just replaced a typical late-afternoon snack of beef jerky with PRO Rich MINT MADNESS and I feel great!  In the future I'm more likely to eat PRO Rich after my workout for recovery, but I couldn't wait to try it!

I'd much rather eat a PRO Rich Frozen Nutrition Tube than any of the protein bars I've choked down over the years - and I'll be healthier for it!


Walt Freese

Former CEO, Ben & Jerry's

We recently held our team Kick-Off party at the beach where our Surf Team, ages 10 - 15, along with their parents tried out all 5 flavors of PRO Rich Frozen Nutrition Tubes. The feedback from all was overwhelmingly positive and there was not one tube left over :) 

PRO Rich Frozen Nutrition Tubes were a huge hit! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this outstanding sports nutrition...we loved them!


Diegueno Surf Team



"Your products were just what were needed post-race for Alison's recovery - a mix of protein, carbs and fat to speed her healing, especially minutes after her Duathlon Win.


This was Alison's second Win in a row at Mission Bay - after just being ranked by the Olympic Committee this past week.


Every now and then we walk the expo area after her races for new products, but either do not like the taste, after taste, bloat, or buzz they create.


PRO Rich Frozen Nutrition Tubes had absolutely no ill side effects -  as a matter of fact, the balanced nutrition in them assisted us/Alison to actually feel better within a few minutes, and to assist in her healing and recovery - so much so that we came back and asked for another frozen flavor to consume.


Your products are the first products in a while that were a winner from the very first bite!"


Gary Kobat (Athlete & Personal Trainer) 

and Alison Raitt (Athlete/Runner)